Saturday, 7 May 2011

Has anyone seen Juno?

Juno was on a little stroll today!
Look where she has come!

Oh you cheeky little thing! You really do like our biscuits don't you. Did you leave any for anyone else? Oh there wasn't any in there in the first place. Are you sure?
There were just crumbs when you went in. Is that a little fib?

Friday, 6 May 2011

Piano catastrophe!

Look at these seven Bodkins on the piano!
Little Tilly is the conductor but be careful on that ledge. Mind you don't fall off.

Is there someone missing in this photo? Wait what is Lycia looking at?

Woops! Oh Billybob! Are you ok?

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Pippin comes unstuck!

Pippin has been wandering around today. And guess where I found him?

On the phone! Oh, I see you are talking to your best friends Toby and Bernie.

Oops - you silly Bodkin!
Are you ok?

Oh how nice, you are a kind bodkin aren't you Henry?

There you go Pippin you are free!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Toast Nibblers

Now, what are these two girls up to?
I think they may be a little hungry. Gabriella and Greta explained that they were making some toast for them and their Bodkin friends.

Oh dear you cheeky Flugs, you have nibbled at Gabriella and Greta's toast. I wonder what they are going to say?!?

Tomas and Maxwell are cheeky little Flugs.
When Gabriella and Greta came back they weren't too annoyed with the two Flugs but did faint at the sight! The determined little Bodkins said they were going to start to make some more toast. But those Flugs won't be going near!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Busy Bodkins...

The Bodkins have been very busy reading this week......
one of their real favourites is Humpty Dumpty! ( I think it's something to do with that Wall!)
Minna was delighted to find a book about food, though, we hardly saw her all day....
she was busy reading 'Sam's Sandwich' over and over again......
I think she was trying to find some mention of a biscuit!!!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Nilla-Nillas

Once Monty had recovered, the other Bodkins were very eager to hear all about his adventures.
He had, he explained, spent quite a long time living with the Nilla-Nillas, who are quite peculiar creatures who spend much of their time upside down, standing on their head.
Monty, during his time with them, had become quite an expert at this and was even proclaimed as an honourary Nilla-Nilla.
Some of the other Bodkins wanted to have a go........Amos, Juno and Harriet were the best....but they could only do it by leaning against a wall......Unfortunately, everyone else found it very difficult indeed!!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Very, very, very....

This is where Monty has been since he came back.

The poor little thing was so tired after all his adventures and the long walk back from the Pastel Meadows where he has been living with the lesser spotted Pastel Bodkins.
The Pastel Bodkins, meanwhile, have been busy making friends with everyone. They have also been making cakes. It seems iced cupcakes are their favourite food.
In pastel colours of course.
Unfortunately they were so delicious the Bodkins ate them before I could get my camera but they looked very much like these-