Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Morgana arrives in Idaho!!

Tracylea from Caldwell, Idaho, USA tells us that Morgana Bodkin arrived safe and sound after her long journey. Tracylea tells us:

"She made herself immediately comfortable (after the initial shock of being welcomed by a Dragon - well, iguana named reptoslicer)."
"She popped out of the box, flashed her biscuit as a peace offering to Repto just in case and then began searching. I think she was quite pleased!
She found a cozy nook which she has decided to make her home,
with lots of perfect hiding spaces to practice her magic." Ooh! she's so good at becoming invisible, isn't she?

"She has decided to pretend our Green Horse is a "thestral" and I'm sure they'll be zooming around soon!"
"She also made quick friends with our Jail (Owl)ie when she promised to read her future in a crystal ball."
"She sends her love back to you and the others!"
Well, it looks like Morgana has found the perfect family match for her!! Lots of magic there!! I think she's going to be very happy. Thanks so much to Tracylea for the news and the great photos.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

The time has come.......

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A BIG WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone please join us to say a very BIG
to the Yes at last it is time to welcome our little friends - the Bodkins!!!!!
The balloons are blown up, the banner has been carefully coloured and is up,

the biscuits are made, and the glasses are ready,

and when everyone had lined up patiently to get their party hats....

it was time for the launch PARTY!!!!It was in full swing but the time the new little Bodkins arrived.....they were SO excited they could hardly keep still for the photo!!But they were very good at mingling and soon everyone was chattering happily.

Old friends and new, they were all busy getting to know each other.....

The 'football' Bodkins were deep in conversation. Wonder what they were talking about?The little Flugs were planning a big surprise of their own....and they treated everyone to a fantastic display of synchronised Flug dancing....which was spectacular!!
Not to be outdone, the Bodkins did a little bit of tumbling, ending in a dangerous pyramid....

Then it was time for the games, and some Bodkins were extremely good at 'Musical Statues' -

Until it went a little wrong for Stanley, who overbalanced and fell into the unfortunate Helena,leaving a triumphant Ferdie as the winner!
Then Ditsy and Dolly treated everyone to a little song that they had made up themselves.
The party went on long into the evening. What a lovely time was had by all......

The Bodkins have all asked me to pass on to any of their friends out there - please celebrate the new name with your own parties and send us some pictures....... Congratulations to the Bodkins!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, 20 February 2010


Jo from Sheffield was such a big help in choosing the new name of the soon-to-be-not-Pipples, she got to choose one to go and live with her.
She chose Barnaby.
The rest of the soon-to-be-not-Pipples and Flossie and I are busy making party hats and biscuits for the launch party of the new creatures!!!!!!!! We have also heard that some new ones are due to arrive shortly from the Woods!!!!!!!
It's getting VERY exciting here!!!!!!!!
Must go now, I think they've found the party biscuits!! xx

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Patience and Naughtiness!

First, let me tell you, the new name is still being considered by the Lady Lawyer who is checking very thoroughly!!!
I know!! I'm really impatient too, now that we've found a name, the Pipples (or should we call them Thingies in the meantime?!!) are finding it very hard to be patient!!!
It could take a couple of it may be best to just get on with Pipple life...or Thingie life for now!
Evie from Yorkshire has sent us some brilliant photos of the Pipples who live with her family.
And what adventurous and mischievous Pipples they are!
Evie tells us she found her Pipples taking a little walk around her house..... as you know, Pipples LOVE climbing so first they went upstairs.... oooh! that little Flug looks a bit squashed!!! But it's great to see them helping each other....
Ooh! I think I know where they're going! Do you? Look at Flora telling the others how to get up there. Be careful - that's a very narrow ledge!
Does Evie know you've found the biscuits?
Oh no!! You didn't eat them all, did you?! Oh you bad little Pipples!!
And so, full up with all those biscuits, they went to read about their friends on the blog to see if there was any news about their new name.

Not yet, little Pipples and Flug, won't be long though. xxxxxx
A big thank you to Evie. xx

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Name update newsflash!!

Hello from the soon-to-be-not Pipples.
The Pipples wanted me to write and let you know that we think we have found a good name but that before we announce it to you and the rest of the Pipple friends out there, the Pipples thought it would be a very good idea to run it past the Lawyer Lady who has been advising us!!
We don't want to change it and then have the same problem again!!!!
So, hopefully by the end of tomorrow, we will have some kind of response from the Lawyer Lady and we can tell you.
The Pipples are very excited!!! They LOVE the new name!!!
Sorry to keep you in suspense a bit longer!!!

Oh, and the Pipples wanted me to show you a picture of the party biscuits which will soon be available to buy from the Over the Wall Etsy shop if, that is, they haven't been eaten by the Pipples here. Goodness knows they have fooled the human children countless times already!!! Quite funny really!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, 1 February 2010

A bit of a shock!

This morning a letter arrived. A very small letter. It was addressed to the Pipples who have gone Over the Wall.
All the Pipples gathered and looked at the letter thoughtfully but didn't know what to do.
Eventually Ricardo, who is quite an adventurous Pipple, went forward to get the letter.
But who should open it?

There was a lot of discussion.....which went on for several minutes......even the Flugs got in on the act.....
until a decision was made....
Toby would open it as he was the best reader of them all.
They got into a circle to listen.
Toby read carefully.
"To the Pipples who have gone over the Wall,
We, the Pipples in the Woods, are writing to let you know that we have received news from the Chief Pipple in the Big Forest.
It has been discovered by some of our more adventurous Pipples that there are Other Creatures who have similar names but who are NOT Pipples, so after a lot of discussion, it has been decided by the Chief Pipple that we shall rename ourselves.
The Chief Pipple thinks it is a good idea if we ask for the help of our human friends.
This is why we are writing.
Ask the human people that you have met Over the Wall to help us find a new name.
Write back when you have found one.
Big Hugs, Chief Pipple."

The Pipples were stunned!!
Then, as one, they all fainted.
When they came to, there was general panic! They ran this way, and that, bumping into one another and not knowing what to do.
So, I gathered them together firmly, and told them we would all help.
If any of you Pipple Friends out there have a good idea for a new name for the Pipples, then please leave it in the message here or send it to
The Pipples thought it would be a good idea to give a prize for the person who comes up with the best name. They have decided the human person should choose a Pipple to go home to them to live. The Pipples are now very excited!!!
The name must be new and no-one else must be using it, or anything similar. It mustn't sound or look like anything else. Good luck.