Thursday, 29 April 2010


As the only 'grown-up' here at the house who is remotely 'looking after' these Bodkins, I feel I have to take it upon myself to say what everyone here (and maybe out there too) has been thinking.
It worries me to say this- may be entirely possible.......sob........that Monty ...... has got lost. (There now, I've said it!)
BUT don't worry!
I have had a word with the other Bodkins here and we have decided that if he is not back by tomorrow morning, then a Search Party will be organised and will be sent out for him.
After all, it has been over a month since we heard anything.
I have had a quiet word with Devon (Monty's best friend) and he told me where Monty was heading. So that at least it a start.....
Fear not, friends of Bodkins, Monty will be found!