Sunday, 12 September 2010

Busy Bodkins...

The Bodkins have been very busy reading this week......
one of their real favourites is Humpty Dumpty! ( I think it's something to do with that Wall!)
Minna was delighted to find a book about food, though, we hardly saw her all day....
she was busy reading 'Sam's Sandwich' over and over again......
I think she was trying to find some mention of a biscuit!!!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Nilla-Nillas

Once Monty had recovered, the other Bodkins were very eager to hear all about his adventures.
He had, he explained, spent quite a long time living with the Nilla-Nillas, who are quite peculiar creatures who spend much of their time upside down, standing on their head.
Monty, during his time with them, had become quite an expert at this and was even proclaimed as an honourary Nilla-Nilla.
Some of the other Bodkins wanted to have a go........Amos, Juno and Harriet were the best....but they could only do it by leaning against a wall......Unfortunately, everyone else found it very difficult indeed!!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Very, very, very....

This is where Monty has been since he came back.

The poor little thing was so tired after all his adventures and the long walk back from the Pastel Meadows where he has been living with the lesser spotted Pastel Bodkins.
The Pastel Bodkins, meanwhile, have been busy making friends with everyone. They have also been making cakes. It seems iced cupcakes are their favourite food.
In pastel colours of course.
Unfortunately they were so delicious the Bodkins ate them before I could get my camera but they looked very much like these-

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!

After 116 days..... and lots of worrying, imagine my surprise when I answered a knock at the door early this morning to find.....
oh sweet little Monty - how long you have been away!!!! We missed you so much!Then we realised that Monty was not alone!! For 3 of the very rare Lesser spotted pastel Bodkins had accompanied him.....

and very pretty they were too!Everyone was overjoyed to see Monty and his new friends!!!

Thursday, 29 April 2010


As the only 'grown-up' here at the house who is remotely 'looking after' these Bodkins, I feel I have to take it upon myself to say what everyone here (and maybe out there too) has been thinking.
It worries me to say this- may be entirely possible.......sob........that Monty ...... has got lost. (There now, I've said it!)
BUT don't worry!
I have had a word with the other Bodkins here and we have decided that if he is not back by tomorrow morning, then a Search Party will be organised and will be sent out for him.
After all, it has been over a month since we heard anything.
I have had a quiet word with Devon (Monty's best friend) and he told me where Monty was heading. So that at least it a start.....
Fear not, friends of Bodkins, Monty will be found!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Monday, 8 March 2010

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Morgana arrives in Idaho!!

Tracylea from Caldwell, Idaho, USA tells us that Morgana Bodkin arrived safe and sound after her long journey. Tracylea tells us:

"She made herself immediately comfortable (after the initial shock of being welcomed by a Dragon - well, iguana named reptoslicer)."
"She popped out of the box, flashed her biscuit as a peace offering to Repto just in case and then began searching. I think she was quite pleased!
She found a cozy nook which she has decided to make her home,
with lots of perfect hiding spaces to practice her magic." Ooh! she's so good at becoming invisible, isn't she?

"She has decided to pretend our Green Horse is a "thestral" and I'm sure they'll be zooming around soon!"
"She also made quick friends with our Jail (Owl)ie when she promised to read her future in a crystal ball."
"She sends her love back to you and the others!"
Well, it looks like Morgana has found the perfect family match for her!! Lots of magic there!! I think she's going to be very happy. Thanks so much to Tracylea for the news and the great photos.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

The time has come.......

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A BIG WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone please join us to say a very BIG
to the Yes at last it is time to welcome our little friends - the Bodkins!!!!!
The balloons are blown up, the banner has been carefully coloured and is up,

the biscuits are made, and the glasses are ready,

and when everyone had lined up patiently to get their party hats....

it was time for the launch PARTY!!!!It was in full swing but the time the new little Bodkins arrived.....they were SO excited they could hardly keep still for the photo!!But they were very good at mingling and soon everyone was chattering happily.

Old friends and new, they were all busy getting to know each other.....

The 'football' Bodkins were deep in conversation. Wonder what they were talking about?The little Flugs were planning a big surprise of their own....and they treated everyone to a fantastic display of synchronised Flug dancing....which was spectacular!!
Not to be outdone, the Bodkins did a little bit of tumbling, ending in a dangerous pyramid....

Then it was time for the games, and some Bodkins were extremely good at 'Musical Statues' -

Until it went a little wrong for Stanley, who overbalanced and fell into the unfortunate Helena,leaving a triumphant Ferdie as the winner!
Then Ditsy and Dolly treated everyone to a little song that they had made up themselves.
The party went on long into the evening. What a lovely time was had by all......

The Bodkins have all asked me to pass on to any of their friends out there - please celebrate the new name with your own parties and send us some pictures....... Congratulations to the Bodkins!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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