Monday, 30 November 2009

Hello and Goodbye.....

What a busy day!
First Freya and Hetty had to get ready because they were going to a lovely new home.

They were very giggly and silly because they were so excited.

They had their breakfast, then got their labels ready and then the doorbell rang.

And hello! There were five new Pipples standing there. And most exciting of all - there were 3 baby Pipples!!!

The bigger Pipples had shown them the way and here they were! They all helped to say goodbye to the girls.

Freya and Hetty have a long journey so they took a jaffa cake to share and a book to read in case they get bored.
The other Pipples waved them off.
Bye bye, Freya and Hetty! Don't forget to send us some photos.
There you are, all safe and snug for the journey. xx

Sunday, 29 November 2009

A bit of adventure.....

Now that the Pipples have been here a few days, they are getting more confident.
Orly the Pipple is perhaps the most adventurous at the moment.
This afternoon , he went missing. He was nowhere to be found.

The rest of us spent a long time looking for him. Then we found him.

What are you doing there?

Watch out you don't get burnt! It's a good thing the fire wasn't lit!
Now where have you gone?

What are you doing up there?
Oh I see, you just wanted to know what time it was.
No it isn't time to go shopping. Come out of there!

Then Merry discovered the mirror in the hall.
And spent all day there.
She was soon joined by Peggy. They spent a long time, just looking at themselves......
Yes Pipples, you are beautiful!

Friday, 27 November 2009

4 Pipples.....and a Flug!

Exciting news - last night, four more Pipples made it all the way through the woods, across the fields and over the wall...........and following them......very slowly......was the first Flug!!
They were on the doorstep this morning.
The Pipples had had to wait a long time for the Flug but they were kind and didn't want to leave him on his own because they knew he would get lost. Flugs are not the brightest of creatures. And they don't have a very good sense of direction.
The Pipples introduced themselves, from the left is Mabel, Miranda, Freya and at the front is Hetty. All girls this time, although they did tell me that some boys are on their way.

The Flug is called Arthur.
He searched around for a long time when he came in, looking for some wood. Flugs, as you know, love wood. Once he had found a log beside the fire, he stayed there for a long time, watching everyone.

The next time I looked though......oops! What are you doing down there? Did you fall asleep?

I don't think you do it like that! Do you need some help?

Oh that is very kind.

Happy now?

Jolly good. Night night, then. xx

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Goodbye Trevor..............

As the first Pipple to be offered a home, it was time for Trevor to leave today.
As you can see, he was VERY eager to be on his way!
It was soon time to get ready. Now Trevor, have you got your label in case you get lost? Yes? Good.
And there's a blanket in case it's a bit chilly. And a Jammy Dodger biscuit. Just in case you get a little bit peckish. It is a long journey you know.
So Trevor said goodbye to his friends. They were sad to see him go, but very happy that he was going to such a lovely home.
Now, are you comfy? Tucked up nice and cosy for the journey? Got your biscuit? Lie down then.
No Trevor, you're not there yet!
That's it, lie down. Nice and cosy. And be a very good Pipple, remember to be polite.
Bye Trevor! Bye! Bye! Bye!
Remember to write and send us photos so we know what you're doing! BYEeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Pipples on the move.....

Okay, so the Pipples had a rest and, well, you know what Pipples are like - they were off!
Couldn't keep still for a minute.
This is where I found them - they just love stairs! The green and red one (he tells me his name is Trevor) seems to be the most adventurous. But honestly, the others are very easily lead.Lovely how they all work together. Watch you don't get squashed!
Now what are you going to do?
Oh, I see. Yes, great teamwork!Hmm, this could take a while...........xx

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The pipples are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, after all, it IS that time of year.
It's getting colder, it's VERY windy and so I shouldn't really have been surprised to wake up this morning and find not one but FOUR Pipples on my doorstep. They were shivering after their long trek through the fields, but they soon warmed up.
They had some breakfast and then they told me all about their long journey, through the woods, across the fields and over the wall....
Quite exhausting.
They would love a little nap somewhere cosy, they told me, so I found just the place.
Ssshhh....... I'll tell you more when they wake up.....