Thursday, 31 December 2009

The Pipples

all wish you a very Happy New Year!
Some new Pipples arrived yesterday and will be looking for homes next week when they have settled in.
They are a bit too excited at the moment.
So, here are some of them, standing still in a rare moment to wish you all the very best for 2010. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A Pipple Christmas!

A certain little Pipple was very grateful to Flossie for making a stocking of her very own. And isn't it beautiful? What a lovely bow and look at those stars along the top - and all that jaunty red stitiching around the edge. It must have taken days, Floss.Well, look at you Peggy! Your very first Christmas at Floss's house. Look at that stocking bulging with presents! You must have been a very good Pipple. I wonder what Santa has brought you?

Oh how pretty!! Some lovely necklaces - you do like your jewels don't you? And look at all those lovely things!! My goodness!
And now you have a watch, you won't be late for anything, will you?
You are one cool Pipple, Peggy! xx

Monday, 21 December 2009

A letter to Santa.....

Well, Trevor the Pipple has really settled in well with his new family. With the help of his kind and clever friend Aaron, Trevor has joined in with the family traditions and has even written a letter to Santa.
What lovely writing, I think Santa will be very impressed with such a neat letter.
Hmmm, I wonder whether Santa will be able to make that one come true Trevor - have you been a good Pipple?
You have? Well, you'd better wait and see then.
What are you two talking about? Biscuits? Well, I might have known!
You don't like dunking them in tea Rudolph? But you do, Trevor? Well, you can't agree on everything! But you both love Garibaldi's? Mmmm, me too. You'll have to share those biscuits if you get your Christmas wish, Trevor!
It's a good thing you had Aaron to help you post the letter to Santa. You are lucky to be living with such kind humans, Trevor.
Here's wishing a very Happy Christmas to Trevor and his human family and to all the Pipples out there in families and over the wall. May all your Christmas wishes come true.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Peggy Pipple has a busy day....

First there was a bit of girly hair styling with best friend Merry....
Have you got enough clips in there girls? Very pretty!Then they played Scrabble.......hmmm.....what good spellers you are!!!
Then she tried on the Santa Claus hat that Floss had made specially for her, just like her own. What a lucky Pipple to have such a clever friend.
Er, isn't that a bit prickly Peggy? Yes, I thought so. What do you mean you're stuck?

Monday, 14 December 2009

News from a very lucky Pipple at Large...

Well, Trevor the Pipple has really settled in well in Scotland- we have just heard from Lennox, Trevor's very kind human friend, that Trevor has had a visit to a Pantomime!!!!
How lucky is he?!!!!
Not only that, but Trevor got to ride on a bus too!! What a great time he is having!! The other Pipples will be very jealous!
Lennox shows and tells us what happened.....
'Look Trevor, you're high up!'
'That's it Trevor, settle down now.''That's what you're going to see Trevor, exciting huh?''TREVOR!!! Get off the back of the seat! The stage is on the other side!'
'Oh Trevor, your head doesn't fit in the bag! Even if it did, you'd get stuck!''There you go Trevor. Mind you chew the nuts properly.'

What a very lucky little Pipple to have such treats and to be looked after so well by his human family. Thank you so much Lennox, for sending us news of Trevor.
We look forward to hearing more next time.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

News from a brave Pipple at Large...

A little while ago, we heard how Selina Pipple was settling in with her new friend Molly.
Here, Molly brings us up to date with Selina's adventures!
Molly writes:
"My Pipple has been getting up to lots of things. She played some games....

and has been checking out the dogs......"

Looks like you've found a friend there, Selina!
But Molly tells us - "the black one, Spike, he would rather eat Selina!"

OH DEAR!!!! But don't worry, readers, Selina escaped by riding on a dragon!! What a resourceful Pipple she is! Oooh Selina! Don't fall off!!
Molly tells us - " Then she arrived at white hilly snowy land of sugar."

Hmmmm, was that sugar all out like that before? Or was that something to do with you Selina? Honestly, Pipples and food, they do make a mess don't they?
But that looks like fun, Selina, you could go sledging on that couldn't you?

A very big thank you to Molly for sending these lovely photos in - it's so lovely to know what our Pipple friends are up to. Selina looks like she's having a VERY good time. You'll have to watch her, Molly, looks like she's an adventurous one!!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A surprising and slightly scary visitor.....

I was woken early today by several bumps as some new Pipples arrived, jumping through the letterbox.How they manage to get through the letterbox is a mystery to me, but I suppose once you have come out of the woods, across the fields and over the wall, it's not such a big deal.
And there they were, sitting near the doormat, tired and hungry.
Two beautiful Pipples, Florence and Sonia (who is one of the very rare Fluffy Pipples), Dotty a cute baby Pipple, and two dozy Flugs named Donald and Norman.
I invited them to come down for breakfast and they made their way slowly along the hall.
....but can you spot something else.....something that had followed the Pipples out of the wood.....something the Pipples hadn't seen?
Yes, I knew you would see it!
Do you know what it is?
Of course, it's a Giant Snook but you knew that didn't you?
I was very surprised to see the Giant Snook here because as you know, they usually live down by the brook in the woods and don't normally travel very far.
But, of course, we all know Giant Snooks can be very temperamental!

This one followed very ssslowly, sssliding along behind the Pipples until they came to the ssstairs. (oops sorry, too many ssssss, I'll ssstop now.)
Well, when they saw the Giant Snook RIGHT behind them, the Pipples got very jumpy....and tried to get down the stairs as quickly as they could!

Even the Flugs got in a bit of a panic and tried to hurry!And little Dotty was jumping up and down with excitement! She had never seen a Giant Snook before.
The older Pipples had though, and they knew exactly what the Giant Snook wanted...It followed them sliding down the stairs with no trouble at all.....until.......
there! That's what Giant Snooks like to do best of all! Hug Pipples!
It told them it's name was Plum and said that the brook was getting very crowded so some of them were looking for a new home.
Ah....well, looks like there'll be some other Giant Snooks visiting soon.... I hope the Pipples are more prepared this time!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Some more Pipples....

arrived today.
They were all looking for good homes, they told me, having travelled across the fields during the night.
The light is a bit dull here today so we had to climb the stairs to find a good place to take a photograph of them.
All the Pipples were very patient, except perhaps a strange little Pipple called Spike, who kept trying to pick fights with the others.
I think he is actually a good Pipple, just gets little over excited!
They posed for their photos and then asked me how long it would be before human families could be found. I think they are all impatient to get settled in before any snow arrives.
I said I would do my best to help, so they can all be found here.

Friday, 4 December 2009

News from a naughty Pipple at Large...


We have just been sent news from Scotland from the lovely Ali and her boys.

Unfortunately, they write they were "all set to send some photos of Trevor the Pipple settling in but then there was an 'incident'!"
Oh Trevor! What are you doing in the biscuit tin? Trevor, what have you done? Where are all the biscuits?
Oooh! Looks like Hamish is not amused. Did he tell you off? Well it serves you right.
Sent to bed with no supper!

Oh dear!!!
Well I hope our other Pipples at large are behaving themselves better than Trevor! I do hope he has learnt his lesson.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

A visit to the cafe.....

Two of the Pipples, Merry and Peggy, have decided they want to live at our house. They have been very good so we thought we would take them to the cafe for a treat.
At first they were very well behaved. They sat there nicely and they were very polite.We ordered coffees and toasted teacakes. Yum!!!
While they were waiting, the Pipples caught up with some reading and thought what they would like for Christmas.They were very hungry, so when the food arrived, they were very happy.
The coffee was lovely and frothy and Peggy wanted to stir it. She couldn't quite reach so she found a salt pot to stand on. Clever girl.
Hmmm, now how are you going to get down from there?
Well, that's one way, I suppose.
Oh dear! Are you all right?
Oh! what are you doing?

No Peggy, that's not what you do with those!

Stop that right now! And tidy it up please! Everyone is looking at you!
That's better. Now be good girls and stay in there!