Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Arthur's Adventure....

Arthur Pipple has just sent us these snaps from his holidays. Arthur is a Pipple with Connections! and always travels in style!!
Here he is in First Class, jet-setting to the other side of the world....
Arthur tells us the service was fantastic - although there weren't quite enough biscuits!!
But he did get a lovely fizzy drink with some slices of lemon in it....
Hmmm, what exactly was in that drink Arthur? Are you feeling a little sleepy now?!
Luckily Arthur was wide awake for his trip to see the Sydney Opera House. Wow!!!
And what a cool dude you are in your shades, Arthur!
Here he is in front of the Sydney Harbour bridge.....aren't you a bit close to the edge, Arthur? Watch you don't fall off! It's a long way down..... Not really sure you need that scarf now?!
And then, he tells us, he met some friends. At least I think they were friendly, they were smiling, although Arthur looks a little scared of the bits of wood the man is holding! No, Arthur, he won't hit you with them. Better say 'Bye' now though.
Thanks for those great photos, Arthur, we miss you, come back soon. x

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

What is that?

THIS arrived today. The Pipples were very confused.
Is it grass??! Is it hay?!
Why is it in a bag?
Well, it is shredded tissue and it's to make the travelling Pipples nice and comfy on their journeys. What do you think? Looks lovely and soft, doesn't it?
Wait a minute....... what is that?
Do you see something in there?
Something that looks a bit like ........
Morgana is that you?!!!!
What are you doing in there?!!
Yes, I know it's lovely and soft and squishy, but you've got to come out now.....really......Morgana, are you listening? Morgana?

Wait! No! Come back!!!!


Friday, 15 January 2010

I don't know...

I really don't know when it will go, Frida. No, I don't like it anymore either. Too cold and too slippy. Even for Pipples.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

3 busy Pipples, and a Flug......

Evie has written in to let us know how her Pipples are getting on. She is the lucky friend to 3 Pipples (well, one belongs to her Mum) and a Flug. It seems in this cold weather they have been finding things to do inside so they can keep warm. Evie tells us:
'Hi, my pipples are busy on the DS, Flora (my mum's pipple) is showing Carla, Carlo and little flug Dylon how to play 'Wizards of Waverley Place!''
It must have been hard work, because a little later, the Pipples and Flug needed a break!
Here they are having elevenses!
Looks like they're having a lot of fun, Evie. Thanks for letting their Pipple friends know how they're getting on.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Lucky Lucia arrives in Australia!!!!

The Pipples were very excited to hear news of Lucia after her long journey to the other side of the world. Bec tells us,

"After leaving the cold snap in the UK, Lucia arrived on the first day of a heatwave in Australia, the temperature was 46 degrees C (114.8 degrees F)!!!
She had a big drink and a special treat!
She was eager to see how far she’d travelled!
‘Do the flowers smell different in Australia?’
After much excitement Lucia put herself to bed early – in the box of crochet and yarn! "
Ah Lucia, lucky you!! Sweet dreams - the other Pipples are very envious and are now dreaming of being somewhere hot!! x

Monday, 11 January 2010

A quartet of Flugs...

For those of you who saw the plucky little Flug arrive a couple of days ago, I don't know about you, but I couldn't help thinking that he didn't look very happy, what do you think?
Well, guess what?
Quite early this morning there was a sound outside.....and when I opened the door, there stood not one, but 3 little Flugs!!!
First there was Tomas,
Then there was Rosie,And then Maxwell,
You should have seen Simon , the first little Flug's, face!!
Now do you see how happy he is?
What a transformation now his friends are here.
And it's the first time that Flugs have made it over the wall ON THEIR OWN!!!
They did set out FIVE days ago, they tell me, so I've no idea where they've been! Flugs do not have a very good sense of direction, you know.
Still they're here now, and, as you can see, they loved having their photos taken!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Fun in the Snow....

after a good night's sleep, the new Pipples were keen to go back out into the snow. They were desperate to do a bit of sledging so I found them a tray and they had great fun down the was a bit tiring for me as I had to keep taking the tray back to the top as they did not want to get wet again!
Then they wanted to climb the trees! As you know, Pipples do love a bit of climbing!
Ricardo was the most adventurous and climbed the highest....
Even the little Flug had a go...These two insisted I took a photo of them but - catastrophe!!!! Moments after this picture was taken, Toby, the Pipple on the right disappeared!!
We all searched and eventually found him at the bottom of the tree!! Luckily the snow had broken his fall although he was a bit shaken!
Then the little Flug wanted to show off his balancing skills on the fence.....
and the others all wanted a go! This might be the only time a Flug is ever in the lead!
Then it was time to come inside and warm up.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

As I looked out this morning.....

this is the sight that greeted my eyes..........
yes, a new group of Pipples had trudged out of the woods, and were coming across the fields in the snow.
And can you spot someone following...... right at the back? Someone struggling to keep up? Yes, look, it's a little Flug! At least I think that's what he is - it was quite hard to tell with all that snow....
The snow was very deep and the Pipples found it very difficult to cross..... one of them got a bit stuck......but Pipples are really good at helping each other, and managed to get her out quite quickly.Then it was just a matter of getting over the wall.......the little Flug was still managing to keep up although he looked a bit puffed out!the first Pipple made it to the top of the wall, and the others helped each other in the usual manner.....
until they were all up. Then it was time to knock on the door.......and when I opened it, there they all were.........
even the little Flug.......eventually!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A Fond Reunion and a Christmas wish comes true......


We got great news today from Ali, Lennox and Aaron in Scotland, who tell us that the three new Pipples, Betty, Lupin and Duncan, have all settled in very well.
'As you can see they needed a nice long rest after travelling to arrive on Christmas Eve, so they perched themselves where they could on presents left by Santa.
On Christmas morn when they woke with Lennox and Aaron's gleeful noise, they got out of the way to spend time catching up with Trevor. "How are you all?" he asked.' (Trevor is the family's first Pipple, you may remember, and he had made a Christmas wish to Santa for some Pipple friends to join him. He must have been very good, as it has come true!!)
'Apparently Betty is Trevor's special Lady Friend so he was especially pleased to see her again. Lupin was quick to request a biscuit.'
'On Christmas night, full up on chocolate coins and biscuits (it was Christmas after all!), the new arrivals joined Trevor and the family in watching 'Doctor Who'. They were a little scared of the Master but huddled close and made it through the whole episode, eager for the next one. They were very fond of Wilfred.'
'Next day they helped Lennox and Aaron build their new lego.'
'They were very helpful, particularly Duncan who was thrilled to play with Indy's whip.
We will keep in touch with their adventures.'
How fantastic is that - what lucky Pipples to have such fun together!! I bet Trevor was so happy to see his friends.
A very big thank you to Ali, Lennox and Aaron. We look forward to seeing what your little Pipple team get up to next! x

Monday, 4 January 2010

A big hello from Olga......

We have just heard news about the lovely Pipple Olga, who has settled in nicely with Jessica, in Newbury, Berkshire.
Jessie (8) has taken to her really well, and as you can see, she is already encouraging Olga to try her hand at rock climbing.......

Oops! I hope that didn't hurt, Olga!
Oh, well done Olga!! What a brave Pipple you are!
Olga was very keen to check out her friends and family on the internet, and says a big hello to all her brothers and sisters.
It seems that Jessie and Olga have the same love of colouring things in. Wow, what a lovely lot of colours to choose from!
Apparently Olga's best fun by far has been "twenty questions". Olga seems to know an awful lot for somebody who has just come out of the woods, and she's very good at nodding and shaking her head.
Wow, what a lot of fun Olga is having - thanks so much to Jessica for the fab photos and for taking such good care of Olga, she certainly looks very happy!