Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Very, very, very....

This is where Monty has been since he came back.

The poor little thing was so tired after all his adventures and the long walk back from the Pastel Meadows where he has been living with the lesser spotted Pastel Bodkins.
The Pastel Bodkins, meanwhile, have been busy making friends with everyone. They have also been making cakes. It seems iced cupcakes are their favourite food.
In pastel colours of course.
Unfortunately they were so delicious the Bodkins ate them before I could get my camera but they looked very much like these-

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!

After 116 days..... and lots of worrying, imagine my surprise when I answered a knock at the door early this morning to find.....
oh sweet little Monty - how long you have been away!!!! We missed you so much!Then we realised that Monty was not alone!! For 3 of the very rare Lesser spotted pastel Bodkins had accompanied him.....

and very pretty they were too!Everyone was overjoyed to see Monty and his new friends!!!