Friday, 27 November 2009

4 Pipples.....and a Flug!

Exciting news - last night, four more Pipples made it all the way through the woods, across the fields and over the wall...........and following them......very slowly......was the first Flug!!
They were on the doorstep this morning.
The Pipples had had to wait a long time for the Flug but they were kind and didn't want to leave him on his own because they knew he would get lost. Flugs are not the brightest of creatures. And they don't have a very good sense of direction.
The Pipples introduced themselves, from the left is Mabel, Miranda, Freya and at the front is Hetty. All girls this time, although they did tell me that some boys are on their way.

The Flug is called Arthur.
He searched around for a long time when he came in, looking for some wood. Flugs, as you know, love wood. Once he had found a log beside the fire, he stayed there for a long time, watching everyone.

The next time I looked though......oops! What are you doing down there? Did you fall asleep?

I don't think you do it like that! Do you need some help?

Oh that is very kind.

Happy now?

Jolly good. Night night, then. xx


  1. Trevor arrived safe and sound. We all instantly fell in love with him and want more Pipples!!!!!! He is adorable. He had a nice ham sandwich for lunch and a play with lego before needing a nap. He is now watching some tv with the boys. Top Gear is on and I think he likes it as he said he would like a shot in a fast car....we shall see.

    Ali and boys XXX

  2. Well my daughter just fell in love with these cute wee Pipples so we just had to offer Hetty and Freya a place in our happy home. We are so excited to meet them! x

  3. I am so glad you are giving a home to these two - they are the best of friends so will love to travel together and stay with each other! I have bought their tickets and they will be on their way tomorrow! I will feed them before their journey. xx