Monday, 30 November 2009

Hello and Goodbye.....

What a busy day!
First Freya and Hetty had to get ready because they were going to a lovely new home.

They were very giggly and silly because they were so excited.

They had their breakfast, then got their labels ready and then the doorbell rang.

And hello! There were five new Pipples standing there. And most exciting of all - there were 3 baby Pipples!!!

The bigger Pipples had shown them the way and here they were! They all helped to say goodbye to the girls.

Freya and Hetty have a long journey so they took a jaffa cake to share and a book to read in case they get bored.
The other Pipples waved them off.
Bye bye, Freya and Hetty! Don't forget to send us some photos.
There you are, all safe and snug for the journey. xx

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  1. Both pipples are now very happily settled in and have made great friends with my daughter. They tell me their journey was not too bad and they were happy to have each other to chat too along the way.