Sunday, 21 February 2010

A BIG WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone please join us to say a very BIG
to the Yes at last it is time to welcome our little friends - the Bodkins!!!!!
The balloons are blown up, the banner has been carefully coloured and is up,

the biscuits are made, and the glasses are ready,

and when everyone had lined up patiently to get their party hats....

it was time for the launch PARTY!!!!It was in full swing but the time the new little Bodkins arrived.....they were SO excited they could hardly keep still for the photo!!But they were very good at mingling and soon everyone was chattering happily.

Old friends and new, they were all busy getting to know each other.....

The 'football' Bodkins were deep in conversation. Wonder what they were talking about?The little Flugs were planning a big surprise of their own....and they treated everyone to a fantastic display of synchronised Flug dancing....which was spectacular!!
Not to be outdone, the Bodkins did a little bit of tumbling, ending in a dangerous pyramid....

Then it was time for the games, and some Bodkins were extremely good at 'Musical Statues' -

Until it went a little wrong for Stanley, who overbalanced and fell into the unfortunate Helena,leaving a triumphant Ferdie as the winner!
Then Ditsy and Dolly treated everyone to a little song that they had made up themselves.
The party went on long into the evening. What a lovely time was had by all......

The Bodkins have all asked me to pass on to any of their friends out there - please celebrate the new name with your own parties and send us some pictures....... Congratulations to the Bodkins!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

****Oooh, and you can send the photos of your parties to us at *****

and please don't forget to be a follower - the Bodkins LOVE this!! xx


  1. Hooray to the Bodkins. What a lovely new name :) The party certainly looks like it was eventful and lots of fun.
    Congratulations to you all xx

  2. I'm glad you've finally come to a happy conclusion, and that the Legal Lady and the Chief Bodkin were both equally happy to go ahead with the New Name! Long live the Bodkins!

  3. We are off to tell Trevor, Betty, Lupin and Duncan that their wait is over!
    Good name!!!

    Ali and boys

  4. I love the Bodkins, they look like they throw a good party! xx

  5. Yea Bodkins! Morgana is so happy to have a species name again :)

  6. Spotted you because we have 2 kittens, Bodkin and Stitch - They have had a good look at your blog and heartily aprove.

    :~) Kath x