Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Morgana arrives in Idaho!!

Tracylea from Caldwell, Idaho, USA tells us that Morgana Bodkin arrived safe and sound after her long journey. Tracylea tells us:

"She made herself immediately comfortable (after the initial shock of being welcomed by a Dragon - well, iguana named reptoslicer)."
"She popped out of the box, flashed her biscuit as a peace offering to Repto just in case and then began searching. I think she was quite pleased!
She found a cozy nook which she has decided to make her home,
with lots of perfect hiding spaces to practice her magic." Ooh! she's so good at becoming invisible, isn't she?

"She has decided to pretend our Green Horse is a "thestral" and I'm sure they'll be zooming around soon!"
"She also made quick friends with our Jail (Owl)ie when she promised to read her future in a crystal ball."
"She sends her love back to you and the others!"
Well, it looks like Morgana has found the perfect family match for her!! Lots of magic there!! I think she's going to be very happy. Thanks so much to Tracylea for the news and the great photos.

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