Tuesday, 19 January 2010

What is that?

THIS arrived today. The Pipples were very confused.
Is it grass??! Is it hay?!
Why is it in a bag?
Well, it is shredded tissue and it's to make the travelling Pipples nice and comfy on their journeys. What do you think? Looks lovely and soft, doesn't it?
Wait a minute....... what is that?
Do you see something in there?
Something that looks a bit like .......like ........
Morgana is that you?!!!!
What are you doing in there?!!
Yes, I know it's lovely and soft and squishy, but you've got to come out now.....really......Morgana, are you listening? Morgana?

Wait! No! Come back!!!!


1 comment:

  1. I have recently joined The Toy Society and in my searching for some creative things to make I found your site. I absolutely LOVE your Pipples for both their cuteness and simplicity. I am hoping to make something similiar for a Toy Drop. If I put any pictures on my blog of what I have made I will add a link to the Pipples Blog saying that they were my inspiration,but I will not actually call my things Pipples. I also am Not going to make these to sell but just for the toy society or as gifts. Is this o.k. with you? I don't want to make any enemies in Blogland -- only friends : )You can email me at gram-ma2009@live.com Looking forward to hearing from you : ) Betty Anne