Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Patience and Naughtiness!

First, let me tell you, the new name is still being considered by the Lady Lawyer who is checking very thoroughly!!!
I know!! I'm really impatient too, now that we've found a name, the Pipples (or should we call them Thingies in the meantime?!!) are finding it very hard to be patient!!!
It could take a couple of days....so it may be best to just get on with Pipple life...or Thingie life for now!
Evie from Yorkshire has sent us some brilliant photos of the Pipples who live with her family.
And what adventurous and mischievous Pipples they are!
Evie tells us she found her Pipples taking a little walk around her house..... as you know, Pipples LOVE climbing so first they went upstairs.... oooh! that little Flug looks a bit squashed!!! But it's great to see them helping each other....
Ooh! I think I know where they're going! Do you? Look at Flora telling the others how to get up there. Be careful - that's a very narrow ledge!
Does Evie know you've found the biscuits?
Oh no!! You didn't eat them all, did you?! Oh you bad little Pipples!!
And so, full up with all those biscuits, they went to read about their friends on the blog to see if there was any news about their new name.

Not yet, little Pipples and Flug, won't be long though. xxxxxx
A big thank you to Evie. xx

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  1. Another Great Pipple Story : ) These little creatures are cute enough in themselves, but the stories give them life. I really hope they catch on -- everyone needs a few in their life.