Sunday, 6 December 2009

Some more Pipples....

arrived today.
They were all looking for good homes, they told me, having travelled across the fields during the night.
The light is a bit dull here today so we had to climb the stairs to find a good place to take a photograph of them.
All the Pipples were very patient, except perhaps a strange little Pipple called Spike, who kept trying to pick fights with the others.
I think he is actually a good Pipple, just gets little over excited!
They posed for their photos and then asked me how long it would be before human families could be found. I think they are all impatient to get settled in before any snow arrives.
I said I would do my best to help, so they can all be found here.

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  1. His wee cheeks look filled with maltesers. I'm a bit jealous!!