Monday, 14 December 2009

News from a very lucky Pipple at Large...

Well, Trevor the Pipple has really settled in well in Scotland- we have just heard from Lennox, Trevor's very kind human friend, that Trevor has had a visit to a Pantomime!!!!
How lucky is he?!!!!
Not only that, but Trevor got to ride on a bus too!! What a great time he is having!! The other Pipples will be very jealous!
Lennox shows and tells us what happened.....
'Look Trevor, you're high up!'
'That's it Trevor, settle down now.''That's what you're going to see Trevor, exciting huh?''TREVOR!!! Get off the back of the seat! The stage is on the other side!'
'Oh Trevor, your head doesn't fit in the bag! Even if it did, you'd get stuck!''There you go Trevor. Mind you chew the nuts properly.'

What a very lucky little Pipple to have such treats and to be looked after so well by his human family. Thank you so much Lennox, for sending us news of Trevor.
We look forward to hearing more next time.

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