Thursday, 3 December 2009

A visit to the cafe.....

Two of the Pipples, Merry and Peggy, have decided they want to live at our house. They have been very good so we thought we would take them to the cafe for a treat.
At first they were very well behaved. They sat there nicely and they were very polite.We ordered coffees and toasted teacakes. Yum!!!
While they were waiting, the Pipples caught up with some reading and thought what they would like for Christmas.They were very hungry, so when the food arrived, they were very happy.
The coffee was lovely and frothy and Peggy wanted to stir it. She couldn't quite reach so she found a salt pot to stand on. Clever girl.
Hmmm, now how are you going to get down from there?
Well, that's one way, I suppose.
Oh dear! Are you all right?
Oh! what are you doing?

No Peggy, that's not what you do with those!

Stop that right now! And tidy it up please! Everyone is looking at you!
That's better. Now be good girls and stay in there!

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