Monday, 21 December 2009

A letter to Santa.....

Well, Trevor the Pipple has really settled in well with his new family. With the help of his kind and clever friend Aaron, Trevor has joined in with the family traditions and has even written a letter to Santa.
What lovely writing, I think Santa will be very impressed with such a neat letter.
Hmmm, I wonder whether Santa will be able to make that one come true Trevor - have you been a good Pipple?
You have? Well, you'd better wait and see then.
What are you two talking about? Biscuits? Well, I might have known!
You don't like dunking them in tea Rudolph? But you do, Trevor? Well, you can't agree on everything! But you both love Garibaldi's? Mmmm, me too. You'll have to share those biscuits if you get your Christmas wish, Trevor!
It's a good thing you had Aaron to help you post the letter to Santa. You are lucky to be living with such kind humans, Trevor.
Here's wishing a very Happy Christmas to Trevor and his human family and to all the Pipples out there in families and over the wall. May all your Christmas wishes come true.

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