Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A surprising and slightly scary visitor.....

I was woken early today by several bumps as some new Pipples arrived, jumping through the letterbox.How they manage to get through the letterbox is a mystery to me, but I suppose once you have come out of the woods, across the fields and over the wall, it's not such a big deal.
And there they were, sitting near the doormat, tired and hungry.
Two beautiful Pipples, Florence and Sonia (who is one of the very rare Fluffy Pipples), Dotty a cute baby Pipple, and two dozy Flugs named Donald and Norman.
I invited them to come down for breakfast and they made their way slowly along the hall.
....but can you spot something else.....something that had followed the Pipples out of the wood.....something the Pipples hadn't seen?
Yes, I knew you would see it!
Do you know what it is?
Of course, it's a Giant Snook but you knew that didn't you?
I was very surprised to see the Giant Snook here because as you know, they usually live down by the brook in the woods and don't normally travel very far.
But, of course, we all know Giant Snooks can be very temperamental!

This one followed very ssslowly, sssliding along behind the Pipples until they came to the ssstairs. (oops sorry, too many ssssss, I'll ssstop now.)
Well, when they saw the Giant Snook RIGHT behind them, the Pipples got very jumpy....and tried to get down the stairs as quickly as they could!

Even the Flugs got in a bit of a panic and tried to hurry!And little Dotty was jumping up and down with excitement! She had never seen a Giant Snook before.
The older Pipples had though, and they knew exactly what the Giant Snook wanted...It followed them sliding down the stairs with no trouble at all.....until.......
there! That's what Giant Snooks like to do best of all! Hug Pipples!
It told them it's name was Plum and said that the brook was getting very crowded so some of them were looking for a new home.
Ah....well, looks like there'll be some other Giant Snooks visiting soon.... I hope the Pipples are more prepared this time!

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