Thursday, 10 December 2009

News from a brave Pipple at Large...

A little while ago, we heard how Selina Pipple was settling in with her new friend Molly.
Here, Molly brings us up to date with Selina's adventures!
Molly writes:
"My Pipple has been getting up to lots of things. She played some games....

and has been checking out the dogs......"

Looks like you've found a friend there, Selina!
But Molly tells us - "the black one, Spike, he would rather eat Selina!"

OH DEAR!!!! But don't worry, readers, Selina escaped by riding on a dragon!! What a resourceful Pipple she is! Oooh Selina! Don't fall off!!
Molly tells us - " Then she arrived at white hilly snowy land of sugar."

Hmmmm, was that sugar all out like that before? Or was that something to do with you Selina? Honestly, Pipples and food, they do make a mess don't they?
But that looks like fun, Selina, you could go sledging on that couldn't you?

A very big thank you to Molly for sending these lovely photos in - it's so lovely to know what our Pipple friends are up to. Selina looks like she's having a VERY good time. You'll have to watch her, Molly, looks like she's an adventurous one!!

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