Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A Pipple Christmas!

A certain little Pipple was very grateful to Flossie for making a stocking of her very own. And isn't it beautiful? What a lovely bow and look at those stars along the top - and all that jaunty red stitiching around the edge. It must have taken days, Floss.Well, look at you Peggy! Your very first Christmas at Floss's house. Look at that stocking bulging with presents! You must have been a very good Pipple. I wonder what Santa has brought you?

Oh how pretty!! Some lovely necklaces - you do like your jewels don't you? And look at all those lovely things!! My goodness!
And now you have a watch, you won't be late for anything, will you?
You are one cool Pipple, Peggy! xx

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